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Sponsorship FAQ

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

An individual sponsorship is $40 per month. Each of our kids will have several sponsors in order to cover the total cost of their care.

How much of the sponsorship is used for the child's care versus overhead costs? 

At HOME International, all of the sponsorship donations go directly to the care of the sponsored child. Overhead costs are covered by general donations and Men's Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church.

Will I get any information about the child I am sponsoring?

Due to privacy regulations in Guatemala, we can not share any identifying information about the children online. Once your sponsorship has been submitted, however, you will receive an email with basic information about the child you are sponsoring.

Can I write letters to the child I sponsor? 

Yes! We encourage our sponsors to write their sponsored child, to pray for them, and build a relationship with them. Our children write to their sponsors twice a year.

Can I send gifts to the child I sponsor? 

We ask our sponsors to not send anything other than letters as it is important for the relationships within our house family that we don't have some children receiving lots of gifts and some children who are never receiving any. We encourage sponsors who are interested in contributing to gifts to give a $50 annual donation which will be used for the purchase of Christmas gifts and birthday celebrations for all of the children.

Can I visit the child I sponsor? 

Sponsors who come to HOME International with a missions team will have the opportunity to meet the child they sponsor during their trip.


How long do children stay at HOME International? 

Our children come from all different backgrounds and situations. Some are without any family and some have family that are not safe for them to live with. The amount of time a child spends at HOME is determined by a judge. If a safe, healthy family member is found, the court makes it a priority to reintegrate the child with a family. Around 50% of children in our care will be reunited with their families. For that reason, we have a family reunification program that assists the family by providing education support and discipleship.  So even though the child may not live at HOME, they are still a part of the HOME family.

When they turn 18, children under our care are typically permitted by the courts to leave. However, as our ministry strongly believes in family, just as children in traditional families often live with their parents beyond 18 years of age, the children in our homes are always welcome to stay. Those who will choose to stay beyond 18 years old will continue to be part of our program to help them continue to develop the skills they need to transition to living on their own.

What happens if the child I am sponsoring leaves HOME International?

If the child you are sponsoring leaves, they will be moved to our family reunification program which assists the family and monitors the child's progress so that the child can thrive. Your sponsorship will continue to help the child by providing special activities, school uniforms and supplies, and counseling.


If the child you have been sponsoring leaves and is for some reason not in the family reunification program, you will be notified and your sponsorship will be transferred to another child within the same home.

If you have additional questions regarding sponsorship, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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